Saturday, May 15, 2010

East Coast Cruisers

We have been back and forth and up and down the east coast like yo yo's on a string. It all started with our departure from Miami to North Carolina on February 25 for two baby showers for Shantel and the early arrival (10 weeks early) of Joshua Emmitt Mayberry. Joshua was born on February 12 during a snow storm, but because we live further away than Matt's parents, it was easier for them to get there quickly and help Vanessa with Brooklyn for two weeks. After the baby shower, mom and I came for relief to South Carolina on March 1. Because Joshua was still in the hospital, it gave us a lot of time to bond with Brooklyn the gymnast while Vanessa made trips to the hospital.

After staying for two weeks, we had to get back to Miami to receive Tim and Cassandra and their little brood during their spring break. It was a little chilly during their stay, but we did get out to some play grounds, take glass bottom boat tour, play some dominoes with Abuelo, and finally go to the beach on their last day. We were very fortunate to have had a neighbor across the street with a vacant one bedroom apartment that kept us close by for their visit.

The week after they left Miami, Shantel called us on March 25, and said we had better get up there as soon as we can as she was going into labor. Nathan Andrew Moore came into the world on March 26. We were there not quite a week when Abuelo and Abuela called saying that they had both fallen and were more sick with colds that they had when we left. We cut our visit to North Carolina short and cancelled our plans to stop by for a few weeks in South Carolina and returned home to nurse Mercy's parents back to health and get them to appointments.

When Joshua was allowed to finally come home, it was our turn to make a trip back to South Carolina to relieve Matt's mom who had been a super trooper and helper for Vanessa. We arrived on April 29 and went to the beach, had another birthday party for Brooklyn, and enjoyed Joshua at home.

We left May 4 for North Carolina for Nathan's blessing and to finish the backsplash in the kitchen for
Shantel and Andrew's home.By the way, if any of you want us to come do a backsplash in your home, our prices are real cheap. We left May 11 for Miami to resume our "normal" lives.

We made a short one day trip after getting back to Miami to travel 3 hours up the east coast of Florida to Titusville, FL to watch the Shuttle Atlantis launch for its last mission on Friday, May 14. We got it on video. It was an amazing scene and gave me goose bumps watching the power of the rockets. Listen to the parents of young children that were standing behind us. Especially near the end of the 2nd video, when the father says "To infinity!" and the little boy, about 4 or 5 says, "and beyond!" He's a true Buzz Lightyear fan.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brynn Kayla Countryman

One thing that is consistent in our life is change. It is always happening. Brynn Kayla Countryman (grandchild #13) was born June 8, 2008 at 4:20am, tipping the scales at 7 lbs 15 ozs. It looks like she resembles the Fisher side of the family more than the Countryman side. She has dark hair, darker skin than Alysa did, and has a well-rounded face and frame. She is a delight to have and seems like an easy keeper so far - she doesn't complain much and sleeps a lot. When she does complain, it is a whimper.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Coming and Going

2007 was a time of reunion, as we had a Garcia Family Reunion in Orlando, Florida in the summer. Mercy and her brother, Manny each rented large villas and we had all of our kids, their kids, and grandkids, along with Mercy and Manny's folks, Abuelo and Abuela, gaming, swimming, playing, celebrating, surfing, sight-seeing, eating, and just reminiscing for a week.

At Christmas time, we had Marc and Sarah and their kids and Dan and Tiffany and Kaili join us all at one time in Irving, so we were able to get all 11 grandchildren together and watch them play and "share" their new toys. Our house was full as were our hearts.

So far, 2008 is turning out to be a very "moving and productive" year. It began with Matt and Vanessa moving into their new house in Goose Creek (Charleston), South Carolina. Dan and Tiffany then revealed that he accepted a position with Mount Caramel Health Systems in Columbus, Ohio to begin after his graduation from University of Memphis. They bought a home there. Then Marc and Sarah announced that his job with Dow Chemical was going to move him from Blacksburg, Virginia to Clovis (Fresno), California. The next move announced was Shantel and Andrew into a new apartment in Raliegh, North Carolina. Finally, Michelle and Bryan, after record breaking house hunting and numerous offers, got an accepted offer on a house in Garland which they are to close on and move into before he starts dental school in the fall.

The year became productive upon the birth of Brooklyn Avery Mayberry, Vanessa and Matt's first child, on April 25, 2008. On our way out to see the newborn, we stopped by Dan and Tiffany's in Memphis to witness his graduation from the University of Memphis with a Masters in Health Administration. Dan and Tiffany then gave Mercy an early Mother's Day gift - they announced that Tiffany was pregnant and due to deliver on December 27, 2008.
After a few days visit in South Carolina, we traveled a few miles up the road a ways and witnessed Shantel's graduation from North Carolina State University with a Masters in Accounting. We then returned to South Carolina and Jack left Mercy there to help Vanessa get back to normal and to bond with her newest granddaughter for another week and a half before returning to bring her home in anticipation of the birth of Michelle's second child, due around June 17th, but she won't make it that far.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Blogging We Will Go

We are tired of doing Christmas/New Years letter which are now getting into summer letters out to everyone, and since most everyone we know has email, we thought we would begin blogging to keep everyone in the loop. Blame it on our children teaching us technology.